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Bear spotting near the Finnish-Russian border

I am planning to ride at least one or two longer, multi-day trails in Finland this summer. One of more interesting trails is Bear's Path (Karhunpolku in Finnish). This famous hiking trail is located in small town of Lieksa in Finnish Karelia, quite close to the Russian border. Besides for hikers, the trail is even open for mountain bikers.

Bear's Path is around 135km long. Most of the trail runs through uninhabited wilderness areas. According to the trail description, the trail runs along paths of varying quality, duckboards and forest roads. The map shows our intended starting point of the trail.

We are planning to spend three days and two nights on the trail. Because there are many forest shelters and wilderness cabins along the route, we are not planning to carry any tents. Importantly for Finns, there seems to be even a sauna or two along the route! Fishing is allowed in lakes and ponds after purchasing a fishing license from Finnish Forest and Park Service.

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Bear's Path trail
Using a static Bear's Path map that is available on North Karelian info site, I marked the trail on the Finnish Topo map in Garmin BaseCamp and then exported the trail to Google maps in order to show it below.

Bear's path has been praised by many and I am really looking forward to riding it, probably sometime in July. Afterwards I will report about my feeling and bears!

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