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Crank Brothers Pica+ Premium tool

When on trail, a multi-tool is one of those necessary items that you should always carry with you. The market is flooded with countless alternatives and it probably doesn't make too much of a difference which one you choose as long as it's a quality tool with all usual bits and pieces. In this case, we decided to try something that stands out from the crowd due to its exceptionally sleek visuals.

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Crank Brothers Pica+ Premium tool is almost like a work of art, not least in manufacturer's official pictures. The frame is polished aluminium while the tools themselves are of stainless steel. Pica+ features allen keys between 2mm and 8mm, two torx keys, a chain tool and 8mm and 10mm sockets clipped in the body of the tool. Despite its very compact size, Pica+ feels very solid, partly thanks to its large diameter pivots. As a nice touch, each tool is indexed so that they can be locked at 90-degree intervals. Pica+ comes with a 5-year warranty.

Somewhat rusty business
We have been carrying Pica+ with us in Osprey Raptor and Manta backpacks since early-spring 2012. Using the tool occasionally on trails, it has done it's job. So far our only complaint is that, strangely enough, its aluminium body has been catching some rust on its surface, not too much but still. Obviously, this is due to its periodic exposure to humidity inside the bag during this exceptionally rainy Scandinavian summer. While the rust has not affected the tool's performance, it has made the previously shiny item less than a perfect looking.

Is Pica+ for you?
Pica+ is not for those looking for a good tool that can simply do the job. Pica+ does the job and is exceptionally beautifully crafted. However, we are somewhat puzzled by its tendency to catch rust in conditions that we regard as quite ordinary.

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