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Premium protection against elements: Gore Fusion GT AS Jacket and Pants

Scandinavian weather conditions can at times be far from perfect. With this in mind we searched for perfect protection against wind and showers. Our key criteria were:
  • Water- and windproof
  • Light
  • Breathable
  • Fit tailored for mountain biking
  • Top-of-the-line quality
We favourable previous experience and proven properties, we ended up looking only for clothing with Gore-Tex fabrics.

Gore-Tex Active Shell for highly aerobic activities
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Unlike in some other Gore-Tex fabrics, the inner lining of Gore-Tex Active Shell is directly integrated with the Gore-Tex membrane and laminated to outer fabric to form a thin and light 3-layer fully waterproof construction. According to the manufacturer, the result is the most breathable Gore-Tex fabric specifically engineered for highly aerobic activities. If the fabric holds its promise, this may indeed be the right way to go when in terms of high performance clothing for mountain biking.

Gore Fusion GT AS Jacket and Pants
After some online research, we came up with Gore Bike Wear's new Active Shell (AS) jacket and pants. According to Gore, Fusion AS jacket and pants are robust and intended to off-road use. We noticed that at the time of our purchase (early-December 2011) we found a few online retailers capable of supplying the jacket. Surprisingly, however, it was extremely difficult to get a hold of the pants. Luckily, we received the full Fusion AS kit in mid-December 2011.

The Fusion AS jacket feels soft, flexible and comfortable to wear against the skin. The jacket has taped seams and an integrated hood. Stretch panels in right places make the fit excellent - neither baggy nor too tight to accommodate layers. The dropped tail keeps the back properly covered in all situations. The jacket has one front pocket, large enough to accommodate a mobile phone and keys.

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    Gore Fusion GT AS Jacket

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    Gore Fusion GT AS Jacket

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    Gore Fusion GT AS Pants

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    Gore Fusion GT AS Pants

The pants are equally impressive with similar qualities and the cut optimised for mountain biking. The pants have effective thigh vents. Two set of velcro keep the bottom of the pants away from chainrings and prevent fabric from catching the breeze. The pants have a small rear pocket.

Highly recommended
We have been using the Gore Fusion AS jacket and pants since December 2011 in temperatures ranging from +17C to -5C by adjusting layers. Besides mountain biking, we have taken the jacket also in autumn and winter running and have been very happy with its performance. In short, Fusion AS jacket and pants represent very impressive piece of purpose-build clothing. Warmly recommended!

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