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Lezyne Alloy Drive hand pump

Besides your trusty multi-tool, a quality hand pump is certainly one the most important items to pack with you when heading to trails. While you hope that you don't need it, when you do you will thank yourself for having a pump that delivers. All too often we have seen our fellow mountain bikers fretting with their flimsy hand pumps.

CNC machined robustness
Lezyne Alloy Drive is a compact hand pump made of custom CNC machined aluminum for precise and lightweight construction. The pump comes with a flex hose that fits both presta and shrader valves. The hose itself fits inside the handle when not in use. The pump is available in two sizes. Small measures to 170mm / 90g and Medium to 216mm / 107g. Both pumps come with a frame mount.

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Lezyne Alloy Drive is the best hand pump we have found to date. Highly recommended!

We have been carrying Lezyne Alloy Drive (medium) with us both in XC races and in all-mountain riding since the beginning of the 2012 season. The pump is very well made, pleasure to use and for its size, inflates tires easily. The time it takes to screw the hose to the valve is more than made up by the secure lock that makes it possible to pump really hard. We have been extremely satisfied with the pump and recommend Lezyne Alloy Drive for anybody looking for a quality hand pump.

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