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Osprey Raptor 14 hydration bag

When on trails we mostly prefer having everything we need in a backpack. In some cases (primarily races), we often like to have a smaller hydration pack and a water bottle attached to the bike.

How many bags?
Depending on an application, the optimal size of a backpack may be somewhere between 2L and 30L. A 2L bag is essentially no more than a water reservoir for a 2-4h ride while a 30L bag is suitable for multi-day rides. Everybody with an intention to ride both short and long duration trips should consider having at least two different bags. Our preferred setup is the following:

  • Camelbak Classic: 2L hydration bag (in combination with a water bottle) for racing
  • Osprey Raptor 14: 14L hydration bag with a 3L water reservoir for half-day / full-day rides
  • Osprey Manta 30: 30L hydration bag with a 3L water reservoir for overnight / multi-day rides

Raptor 14 - well designed quality bag for half / full-day rides
Osprey Raptor series of bags are available in four sizes between 6L to 18L. Those looking for a hydration bag for XC racing will probably find smaller versions of Raptor more attractive while those needing a bag for overnight adventures will most likely find Raptor 14 clearly too small. However, in our three bag setup we consider Raptor 14 just perfect for rides from a few hours to a full-day.

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Raptor 14 is a really nice bag, well designed and loaded with smart, practical features. The bag is lightweight but still supportive with a ventilated back panel. The bag is available in two different back panel lengths to guarantee the optimal fit. Raptor 14 has nice range of pockets, including two main compartments, one of which has pockets for a pump and tools. The bag has a clip for attaching a helmet (not suitable for full face helmets though). Raptor 14 has enough room to accompany a jacket, an extra layer, energy gels, snacks and tools. It is really comfortable to carry, sits well and does not bounce around while riding.

Raptor 14 comes with Osprey's 3L HydraForm™ reservoir which in itself is a very clever design. Easy to take out and fill due to a carry handle that gives structure to the bladder. As a nice touch, the hose valve attaches with a magnet to bag's harness, keeping the valve always in right position and easily accessible.

Highly recommended
We have been using Raptor 14 for the whole season 2012 with no issues. Impressed by its features and quality, we find it a perfect mountain biking bag for half-day and all-day riding.

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