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Hunt for quality pedals

I have been looking for quality AM / freeride pedals with decently large platform and good grip. After some research I come up with the following short list:

  • Point One Racing Podium
  • Burgtec Penthouse
  • Twenty6 Predator
  • Straitline Platform
  • DMR Vault

  • Stacks Image 153

    Point One Racing Podium

  • Stacks Image 154

    Burgtec Penthouse

  • Stacks Image 155

    Twenty6 Predator

  • Stacks Image 169

    Straitline Platform

  • Stacks Image 172

    DMR Vault

Sadly, availability of several of these fine products seems to be extremely limited in Europe.
Based on available reviews and user comments, all of them seem to be quality products and as such meeting my criteria.

I was surprised to find out that it is amazingly difficult (or impossible) to get hold of several of these pedals in Europe.

Actually, I didn't manage to find any European retailer for Burgtec and Twenty6 capable of supplying these pedals to Sweden. If such retailers exist, at least they are very very difficult to find.

My preferred choice would have been Podiums, which have been raved by many testers. They are available from two major UK online retailers but availability has been pushed forward several times over the past weeks. Actually I ordered those before the estimated delivery time was pushed from mid-April to July.

The fact that I need pedals now left me with two alternatives, either Straitline Podium or DMR Vault. I am now waiting for Vaults to be delivered in the coming days.

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