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Camelbak Classic hydration pack

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Camelbak Classic is a minimalistic, light pack with a small external pocket and a storage bungee. The Antidote bladder has a low profile 2 liter fluid reservoir with Camelbak’s patented BigBite Valve. The reservoir can be filled without removing it. Filling itself is a breeze due to an 1/4 turn, oversized cap.
The pack has breathable mesh back panel and mesh harness. Reflective strips increase visibility to fellow riders after dark.

We added Camelbak Classic to our pack collection in early-summer 2012. Since then we have been using it primarily in lift-assisted enduro and DH but occasionally also in XC riding. We have found the pack really comfortable to wear in all conditions where we have tried it. It stays nicely in place without bouncing around despite the lack of the waist belt. The bladder system offers comfortable flow of fluid with almost no effort. The pack is overall nicely designed with nice and clean lines.

Only essentials
We have had no issues with Camelbak Classic and we expect it to last many seasons to come. While Classic’s extremely compact size is definitely a plus for those looking for a minimalistic pack, it will also keep away riders looking for a compact quality pack than can still carry usual trail essentials like a spare tube, tire levers, mini-pump, multi-tool, wallet and a cell phone. Classic’s small pocket takes a tiny wallet and a cell phone but not much more than that. Other essentials have to be placed under the bungee. While it may be possible to accommodate a mini-pump, spare tube, multi tool and tire levers, we find this pack unpractical for carrying all trail riding essential. For that purpose we would certainly opt for a something slightly larger.

Purpose-build and very competent pack for special occasions.
This bring us back to the very core of Camelbak Classic: It is an extremely competent hydration pack to situations when not much more than 2 liters of fluid, a cell-phone and a few coins or a credit card are needed. For us this means primarily lift assisted riding in bike-parks and DH trails in bike-parks where spares and tools are not too far away when needed.