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Culinary dreams
This trip was not about culinary aspects of a good life, but we still found some decent basic food in ordinary local restaurants. Upon arrival, we went to a pizzeria. Unfortunately, we don't recall the name of the restaurant but it was located next to Eiscafe Rialto on Untere Pforte. Their pizzas received our thumbs up. Actually, the same pizzeria was later on recommended to us by a fellow rider in the bike park. We also got some decent stakes at Blackwater, an Irish pub in the downtown. Naturally, we made sure not to miss daily schnizels in two restaurant in the bike park: Panorama Cafe and at Restaurant Bobhaus both of which have nice views over the valley. And of course, when in Germany you shouldn’t forget to enjoy some tasty wurst with sauerkraut and some great German beer.

What to make of it?
Overall, we feel that our trip to Winterberg was a good kick-off for this year's season. Riding in a bike park gave the maximum exposure to vertical within a given time. While we ended up riding mostly only two trails in the bike park, they were in a good condition and fun to ride. The park's bike repair shop was service minded and reasonably priced when we needed a change of brake pads. The only major negative was the riding on Saturday, when the bike park was packed and lift queues almost unbearable for our taste. Maybe it was because of the season had just started or maybe it is equally frustrating every weekend during the season, we don't know.

While happy with the trip, it is always interesting to ride in new locations. Therefore, for the season opening 2014 we will again be looking for other alternatives.

This was the final instalment of our travel report to Bike Park Winterberg.


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