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This is part 3 / 5 of our travel report to Malaga, Spain on June 5-9, 2013.
[Part 1]
[Part 2]

Day 2
It was again nice to smell the breakfast and fresh brewed coffee when we woke up at 8am. During the breakfast we heard that a big group of fellows who had been riding with us yesterday had decided to take a day off from biking following their in-depth research of local pubs and clubs last night. It meant that we were only three guys, including our guide, heading to mountains at 10am.

We disembarked our minibus at 430m above the sea, thereafter first pedalling and finally pushing our bikes on steep hill for a total distance of some 1.5km to begin our decent at 600m above the sea. From there, the first stage was a 5km descent to 315m was really enjoyable single track in the forest with great views down to the valley. After a coffee break and some snacks in the sun, it was time for something different. After a few kilometers on an asphalt, the rest of the day was dedicated for XC riding. Let us emphasise that our guide was very good at listening to our preferences as regards to riding. It was our unanimous choice to ride XC for the rest of the day.

All in all, we found today's riding immensely satisfying both in terms of variation and views. Our small riding group meant that everything went very smoothly. When back at the beach, we had following statistics for the day’s riding (based on Suunto Ambit measurements):

Distance 33km
Ascent 650m
Descent 1100m
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